Postcards – What are they good for?

I talk a lot about a postcard being a very affordable format  to get your message across. And it is. But what message you might ask?

PonP Holiday PC

Try these out and see if the simple postcard can do the job.

Baby Announcements, Appointment Reminders, RSVP cards, Party Invitation, Save the Date cards, Direction Cards, Instruction Cards, Counter Cards, Surveys, Thank You Cards, Coupon Cards, Sorry We Missed You Cards, Graduation Cards, Warranty Cards, Mini-Yard Signs…

And those are just  few off the top of my head.

Let me know of other things you have used a postcard for and you will enter a drawing for a Del Taco $10 Gift Card. Drawing to be held Feburary 4th, 2013.

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Dallas Cowboy’s, what I would do…

I am starting to sour on Ware. I don’t want to see a defensive player show me he  is a strong man after making a sack when you are down in the game and the  opposing offense is in the red zone when you make the sack. That looks like  someone worried about personal stats, not team success. I think Lee is the only  one worth keeping. Clean house from the DC on down.
On the offensive  side, a legit running back makes a big difference, and Felix Jones is not an  every down back. There are some nice #2 recivers, but no #1. TE needs some  depth, and OL needs some youth/talent/stability.
I like JG, but he needs  to design the offense and have an OC to run it. Then JG needs to be the Head  Coach, and supervise the game and the coordinators. Less distractions that way.

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Upgrade to U-verse was a struggle… Part 3 – Stormy Weather

On the morning of the 11th, I still had my old dsl service active. I headed out for the days activities looking forward to the new service being active when I returned home, or maybe soon after.

As I was returning home a little before 2 in the afternoon, a storm was moving in from the west, and as it approached my neighborhood, it formed into a F0 tornado, and did some damage to my fence (that’s another story) and also left me without power. A side note here for Oncor, as their guys worked through the night, and my power was back on at about 3 the next morning. As consumers, we owe them some appreciation for their dedication. So on the morning of the 12th, I get up with power restored, to find my old dsl service no longer was active, so as I had been instructed on the 9th, I disconnected the old modem, and connected the new one, expecting to find that the service had been switched, and I should be good to go. No Joy, so I called AT&T U-verse support, and was reminded that they did not answer phones before 8 AM, so I killed a little time, and gave them a call at 8:01, and was informed that they were experiencing a high call volume, so it would take some time to answer my call. They did answer after just a few minutes, and I then spent about 20 minutes on the phone with a couple of different levels of support, to find that everything seemed OK on their end, and yes, it seemed OK on my end too, so they would send out a technician to solve the problem. About 2:30 in the afternoon, the same technician from the 9th arrives, does basically the same things support had me do that morning, and tells me the problem must be on the line somewhere, he would put in a call for someone to fix the line, and that they should be here in about an hour, thanks, see ya. Well 2 hours later, I am on the phone with U-verse support again, asking where the line tech that was supposed to show up in an hour was, and when were they going to get my service going again? The support person on the phone told me they saw no line technician scheduled to come out that day, and the soonest one could be scheduled would be Saturday morning, and there was nothing I could do to get someone sooner. So I’m thinking great, another day plus without a service that I am paying for. Great. So I told them yes, go ahead and schedule someone for Saturday, and resigned myself to waiting, again. On Friday, the 13th of all days, a line tech shows up, saying he was here to get my service going. Well, to his credit, he spent 5 minutes at my house, 20 minutes up the street on the pole, and another 5 minutes at my house, and yes, he did get my U-verse service going. Thank You.

Saturday rolls around, and my service is on and OK, when another line tech shows up late in the morning, saying he is here to fix my service! I let him know it had already been fixed, and all was OK, no need to do anything.

Next installment – Clear Skies Ahead? I will sum up my thoughts, and the questions I still have,  see if there were any answers.

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Upgrade to U-verse was a struggle… Part 2

So the nice lady told me that yes, there was a self install available, and there was a rebate to cover the cost of the new equipment, and there would be only minutes of downtime as the self install kit would arrive to me by May 9th, and the service change would happen on the 11th, and it would only take me a couple of minutes to switch epuipment, thus, no extended downtime. My final question to her was about a rumor I had heard that AT&T would be putting a cap on DSL usage, so I asked her if there was any truth to that rumor, and would there be a cap on my new U-verse service, and was told that she had heard nothing about a cap, so, no, there would be no cap. Please see the last statement on this letter sent from AT&T. More on that later.

Well, on the weedend of the 7th & 8th, my wife started getting messages about the install people would be arriving on the 9th. Now how or why they were calling her number, I have no idea, but she told me about the messages, and I assumed they were talking about droping off the self install kit. You know what the say about assuming.

On the afternoon of the 9th, 2 AT&T guys show up, saying that they are here to connect my new dsl service, and they would have me up an going shortly. Well, that made me ask them a couple of  questions like, “I thought I was getting U-verse internet”, I already have dsl”, and “I thougt I was getting a self install kit?”. They went on to explain, that the new service was a new modified type of dsl that would be allow faster speeds, and it would be handled by the U-verse department, even though it was not really U-verse. Then they told me they would simply check the line to verify signal, and set up my new modem for me, and I would be on the new service shortly. During some casual talk during this process, they admitted they were new to this type of installation, and had had almost no traing on the new service, or how to connect it. After an extended period of time which included phone calls to U-verse support, as well as another technician, and a visit by that technician (one of the first 2 had already left), the remaining technician told me the new service had not been activated on my line yet, but here is the modem, and when it is activated on the 11th, just switch modems, and I should be good to go. Good Luck. This was after about and hour and a half of down time.

More next time in Part 3 – Stormy weather.

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Upgrade to U-verse was a struggle…

I will fill in more later, but here is a rough outline.

While on the phone about an upgrade to my wireless account, I was asked if I would like to talk about upgrading my internet account, which was already at the highest dsl service available to me (so I thought). I was told that while the full U-verse package was not available in my area, U-verse internet was. If I would sign up, I would get faster speed than I currently had, and for the first year it would be about 60% of what I had been paying for the dsl service, and after that within a couple of dollars. Sounded good, so I asked a couple of questions like “is a self install available”, and “will I have any downtime”, and “will there be any fee for the new equipment necessary”. The nice lady on the phone had answers for each and every question.

Check in later to find out what they were, and what happened after that…

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Why Print?

We’ve got your reasons.

We all take printing for granted. Perhaps it’s because print has been the world’s number one communications medium for so long we tend to overlook and forget its impact and power.

That oversight could be fatal to a marketing campaign or a product launch or a branding initiative that is trying to connect with people. People trust print. They feel comfortable using it. And they can’t fast forward past it.

In the next few weeks, you will be receiving the top ten reasons why you should consider using print in your next campaign. The research and data were collected by The Rochester Institute of Technology and The Print Council, a business initiative that explores the persuasive power of print.

Print doesn’t have to be the only medium you use. But you most definitely should consider print whenever you want to persuade, inform or entertain.

Quoted from the Print Council “Why Print? The Top Ten Ways Print Helps You Prosper”

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Texas Blues…

Friday night I had the pleasure of taking my wife to see a truly talented artist at the Bass Hall’s McDavid Studio, and it in fact was a pleasure.

Joe Corpening opened for Dave Millsap and his band, and was an accoustic delight. His voice and the stories he told through his songs took me to a thoughtful place that I want to return to over and over.

Dave Millsap, a true artist on the guitar, was a pleasure as always. The solo’s were extrordinary, reminding me of the reason’s I enjoy hearing a truly talented guitar player.

The unexpected treat of the night was the keyboarding of Lewis Stephens. I don’t know how to describe it, but if you ever get the chance, go see him play.

I look forward to a chance to see this band perform again and again.

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