Upgrade to U-verse was a struggle…

I will fill in more later, but here is a rough outline.

While on the phone about an upgrade to my wireless account, I was asked if I would like to talk about upgrading my internet account, which was already at the highest dsl service available to me (so I thought). I was told that while the full U-verse package was not available in my area, U-verse internet was. If I would sign up, I would get faster speed than I currently had, and for the first year it would be about 60% of what I had been paying for the dsl service, and after that within a couple of dollars. Sounded good, so I asked a couple of questions like “is a self install available”, and “will I have any downtime”, and “will there be any fee for the new equipment necessary”. The nice lady on the phone had answers for each and every question.

Check in later to find out what they were, and what happened after that…

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One Response to Upgrade to U-verse was a struggle…

  1. Chris says:

    Dear Carl,
    I’m sorry you did that, without asking your friends. We upgraded last year to U verse the total Package. Problem 1. When the storms knocks out the Phone, it takes the TV and Internet along with it. 2. They no longer help you via the phone, well except for a test or two then its, we will send out Representative. 3. So you lose your TV, Phone and Internet for up to 3 days while your waiting. We kept losing the phone, at least 5 times, and were very frustrated, they gave us Movie packages for 3 months to cover errors. Long story short. I really never noticed any increase in speed, 2 when our time is up, I’m sending my phone to someone else along with the Phone and maybe we will keep the TV with them, unless I find a better deal.
    Be Patience my friend, they will get you hook up sooner or later,
    Chris Gotcha

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