Blue Clue

Blue Clue
One of the most common errors that occur in the print industry is when blues come out purple. When using blue in your designs, always make sure to leave at least a 30% difference in your Cyan and Magenta values. For example use, C-100 M-70 Y-0 K-0; this allows enough color differentiation to ensure that your blues don’t look purple when printed.

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Social Media Seminar results

Yesterday evening, I attended a seminar on the subject of Social Media and how it can help my (or your) business presented by Addi Hall, a member of my BNI chapter, and found it very informative.

This morning, someone else who attended the seminar posted a link to this blog about Online Reputation Management , and it brought up some additional things to consider, including the importance of always listening to customer feedback.

Today, I will work at implementing some of the ideas and techniques that were presented, including completing my LinkedIn profile, getting my PrintingonPaper Facebook page tied to this blog as well as to LinkedIn, using Google analytics to see how my website is doing and other things I still don’t have a handle on yet.

I am becomming more and more convinenced that Social Media will continue to grow in importance for small businesses, so now is the time to learn how it works.

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Social Media education

I am looking forward to learning more about using social media to promote my business and connect with other businesses tomorrow at the seminar being given by Addi Hall.

Guests Welcome

Contact me if you would like to attend.

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Ads on Craigslist…

With Craigslist being in the news alot lately, you might think I too would comment on that. Uhhhh…no.
I do want to comment on the usefulness of the simple classified ads for a small business like mine. I keep an ad on there almost all the time, and update it when I can remember to. I do not offer specials on my ad, just standard pricing and services. It almost never fails that when I post or update my ad, I get contacted from what will turn out to be a new customer, usually for a business cards, but sometimes for something else like a door hanger, postcard, or other project. The neat thing about this is that it cost me nothing but a few minutes to prepare the ad. No listing fee. No hidden costs. It has helped my business quite a bit. Maybe it can do something for yours.
If you are looking for specials, look for us on Facebook, where you can find info on new products, specials and more.
Do you just want to learn something about printing? Start a discussion on our Facebook page.
Now a question for you. Do you ever look at the ads of Facebook? Would an ad about printing make you look to that advertiser for your printing needs? Please comment.

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New inkjet printer from Kodak review…

I recently bought a Kodak 6150 AIO printer largely based on its advertised low-cost per print, and would like to share some of my thoughts on this printer.

It was very easy to install to my network, and setup was easy using the supplied disk on my Windows 7 and Mac OS X Tiger computers. All features seem to function on the first try.

I have had some occasional problems faxing through a Magic Jack line, though sometimes it works fine.

Print quality looks good, and speed is OK for an inkjet.

It would be nice if there were more capability to change settings through the remote software installed from the disk, rather than having to use the menu on the printer. Also there should be a utility to indicate ink levels remotely. After all, this is a network printer.

All in all, not bad.


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Film in a tray…

How many people remember placing copy on the copyboard of a camera, holding film on the film plane with a vacuum, then developing that film in a tray of developer by hand?

That was one of the things I learned early in my career from Jack Tyler (and others) at Tyler’s Negative Service in Fort Worth, Texas. Jack owned a trade shop that served advertising agencies as well as print shops in the Fort Worth area. I processed so much film, I think I could still do it without even thinking.

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Hello everybody!

Welcome to the PritningonPaper blog. We will use this blog to comment on the printing industry, business in general, and anything else that comes to mind. Thanks for reading.

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