Dallas Cowboy’s, what I would do…

I am starting to sour on Ware. I don’t want to see a defensive player show me he  is a strong man after making a sack when you are down in the game and the  opposing offense is in the red zone when you make the sack. That looks like  someone worried about personal stats, not team success. I think Lee is the only  one worth keeping. Clean house from the DC on down.
On the offensive  side, a legit running back makes a big difference, and Felix Jones is not an  every down back. There are some nice #2 recivers, but no #1. TE needs some  depth, and OL needs some youth/talent/stability.
I like JG, but he needs  to design the offense and have an OC to run it. Then JG needs to be the Head  Coach, and supervise the game and the coordinators. Less distractions that way.

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